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Artist in Richmond, VA

Illustrator and Digital Creator

Gabby Valle, known as ArcadeTurtle in online circles, is a 100% self-taught artists with a passion for various art forms, including digital, traditional, and handcrafted works. Their creations reflect a blend and admiration for old-school graffiti, tribal art, and retro videogames, as well as cartoons and anime from the 1990s and early 2000s.

Despite facing challenges such as GAD, Depression, and C-PTSD, Gabby channels their experiences into their creative processes, utilizing art as a therapeutic outlet.

As a queer Latine, they have often grappled with the theme of marginalization as they navigated the world, and such experiences informed both their art and their desire to empower individuals from similar backgrounds.

Through their work, they endeavor to not only express themself but also to inspire others on their own journeys towards mental well-being and creative fulfillment.

In the future, Valle hopes to become a published children's illustrator and to become a full-time digital creator.

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