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Artist in Richmond, VA

Leathercraft and Pyrography. Writer

S. Preston Duncan is an internationally published writer, leathercrafter, and death doula in Richmond, Virginia.

A former Senior Editor at RVA Magazine, he is the author of the limited release pamphlet, The Sound in This Time of Being (BIGWRK, 2020), about which novelist Tom Robbins said, "Reading {these} poems today, I had the feeling of having asked (and received) an autograph from starlight."

Leathercraft runs in his family, and has become a personal method of ritual and craft. As a living medium, no two pieces age the same way. Because of this, each piece is considered an ongoing collaboration between artist and owner.

You can find Preston at the river, binge watching Gilmore Girls, or hunched over a rusty old smoker in his backyard. Or, on Instagram @dreamwellstudio and @sprestonduncan

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