Collection: Karyn Gray

Author in Richmond, VA

Karyn is a Certified Self-Love/Transformational Coach, Reiki Master Practitioner, and the owner of The Sun Collective – a wellness business.

Her mission is rooted in the desire to help others uncover truths about the self. All while chipping away at any of the foundations created, usually through life experiences, that aren’t aligned with their highest and greatest quality of life.

In short, her desire is to help others take off the perpetual mask most people are used to donning and instead embrace their true selves, fully and wholly.

With that, Karyn has started a line of children’s books that focuses solely on the empowerment and embodiment of who and what they are!

In her own words, “The goal is to be a vital part of the conversation in helping children embrace the greatness that is them before someone or something has the chance to tell them a different story.”

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