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Artist in Richmond, VA

Portrait Drawings and Paintings


Portraits that have bold pops of color in an otherwise monochromatic setting, my paintings signify the apathy of youth. The figures in my paintings embody the conflict between how we feel deeply versus how we act as if we don't feel a thing. This facade is often glamorized as being "too cool to care". This "cool" that is carefree and seductive, is desperately sought after. It has become the new face of beauty in our time, the storic and/or femme fatale trope. Focusing on beauty that has been given a hard edge, self-centered with a notion of effortlessness, my work comments on the attitude of this generation. A delicate application of sleek oil paint represents the high gloss filter craved by youth culture. My art embodies the rebellion, beauty, and mystery of urban youth.

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