Collection: Sally Lawson Fine Art

Artist in Richmond, VA

Oil Paintings

Sally lives in Richmond, Virginia where she and her husband raised their three children and now have the pleasure of six grandchildren being there as well.

She began painting on her own in 1995, although she had always done creative things before beginning to paint. Several years later, she began studying with some wonderful instructors at the Virginia Museum Studio School as well as with Jane Joyner, Curney Nuffer and David Paul Elsea in Richmond and two nationally recognized artists, Gregory Packard and David Tanner.

She attended La Romita School of Art in Umbria, Italy with instruction from Eleanor Cox. She is drawn to many different subjects, but the common thread between them is color. She uses bright colors in her paintings and finds great satisfaction in the joy it brings her clients.

Sally loves the richness of oils and often paints with a heavily loaded brush or palette knife for texture. She finds it stimulating to experiment with different styles and techniques, but, again, the colors remain the common thread.

Many of her paintings are of the landscape. She is constantly amazed at the beauty and intricacy of God's creation !

She has two distinct styles that she uses for painting. One is the more traditional, representational style of work and the other is what she calls her Whimsies. As the name suggests, it is more whimsical and playful. She enjoys the freedom of painting differently and being able to express different sides of her personality.

She has work at VCU Medical Center in Richmond as well as Princess Street Gallery in Harbour Island, Bahamas, and Revival, Crossroads Arts Center and Beckon Home in Richmond as well as many private collections across the country.

In the past she has shown at 530 Burns Gallery in Sarasota, Florida, Flux Gallery and Fraiche as well as many art shows in the Richmond area. Painting is her true PASSION and she considers it a privilege to be able to pursue it throughout the rest of her life!

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