Collection: Shaina Cilimberg

Artist in Richmond

Original Acrylic and Watercolor Artwork

Shaina Cilimberg has been making art since she was 24 years old. She had always been into art, but writing was her main focus.

At 23, she started browsing the art galleries and places with art in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She developed an interest in doing art herself.

She moved back to Richmond in 2013 and enjoys the art scene. She loves making art of coffee shops, people, animals, landscapes, cityscapes and cityscapes.

Shaina wants to make art that is meaningful and enjoyable. Shaina has Autism, OCD, ADHD, hearing loss, scoliosis and gait disorder.

"I I make art work of places I have been, or wish to go to. Sometimes, I even enjoy making abstract or pieces from my own imagination."



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