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Richard Lord Seely

Toward the Sun - A Novel by Richard Lord Seely

Toward the Sun - A Novel by Richard Lord Seely

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In 1975 with the death of Generalísimo Francisco Franco, Spain enters a tumultuous period in its history. Kept in check by the dictator's heavy-handed rule, his former adversaries find new life with his demise.

Against this turbulent backdrop, the privileged son of a Spanish general skips through life unaware of the dangers spreading across the country, however a failed coup d'état will change his life.

Forced to flee Spain for his safety, José Luis finds work on the booming construction sites in the United States where he meets a gritty crew of coworkers.

When a chance to return to Spain suddenly arises José Luis decides to abandon his life in America to reunite with his long-estranged father, the notorious General Bolino.

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